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The DIFC Courts are an independent common law judiciary based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) with jurisdiction governing civil and commercial disputes.


To establish and maintain a world-class system of justice that is reliable, accessible, efficient and fair, with an unconditional commitment to the rule of law and the fulfilment of its statutory function.


To unfailingly uphold the principles of fairness and impartiality, and to consistently dispense equal justice according to the law and international best practices.


The DIFC Courts have the power, in matters over which it has jurisdiction, to make any orders, including interlocutory orders and to issue or direct the issue of any writs it considers appropriate.

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Small Claims Tribunal

Provides a highly efficient, low cost easy to use service where 90% of cases are resolved within 3 weeks.

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For today’s Emirati and expatriate lawyers, legal advisors and consultants, as well as partners seeking to gain a better understanding of & develop their familiarity with the procedures involved in implementing the DIFC Courts’ laws and procedures in their day to day cases.

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The Pro Bono Programme

Designed to ensure that professional legal advice is available to anyone who can demonstrate that they are unable to afford legal representation.

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Court Updates

#DubaiExpo2020 will create great opportunities for the #UAE and it's people. The #DIFCCourts will help to secure those opportunities for all2 hours ago 1 0
#DIFCCourts are a key pillar of the UAE's long-term strategic objectives3 hours ago 0 0
#DIFCCourts issued PD no. 3 of 2016 on Anonymisation of #DIFCCourts Judgments and Orders https://t.co/eletvbTPEB4 hours ago 0 0
#DIFCCourts issued PD no.2 of 2016 on Skeleton Arguments & Statements of Case filed with the #DIFCCourts https://t.co/CWUPKIGJC54 hours ago 0 0
#DIFCCourts issued PD 1 of 2016 on the Filing of Witness Statements by Lawyers employed by Part I Law Firms https://t.co/QhWlzmGVzj4 hours ago 0 1