Who is signing the agreement?

The agreement is between DIFC Courts and the Federal Court of Malaysia, the highest Superior Court within the hierarchy of Malaysian Courts

When and where will it be signed?

The MoG will be signed on 5th of March, 2017 at the Dispute Resolution Authority in DIFC, Dubai, UAE

What does the MoG cover?

The guide provides a detailed explanation on the requirements and procedures for enforcing DIFC Courts judgements in Malaysia, and on how Federal Court of Malaysia judgments can be recognised and enforced in DIFC Courts

Why is the MoG significant?

Bilateral trade with the UAE and Malaysia has doubled over the last decade and is now worth an estimated US$6 billion annually. The UAE is the largest trading partner for Malaysia in the Gulf region, and is the fifteenth largest trading partner globally.

In response to these strengthening business ties, the DIFC Courts and the Federal Court of Malaysia have come together to establish for the first time how the two courts will interpret each other’s money judgments, providing businesses with additional certainty should a contractual dispute arise.

Memorandum of Guidance