These guidelines are pursuant to Rule 17 of the Rules of the DIFC Courts.  They are not to be used as an exhaustive resource, but will guide you in how to complete Form 07/01.


  • Heading (which must include the following):
    • In the case of an individual, his or her full unabbreviated name and title
    •  In the case of an individual carrying on business in a name other than his or her own, the full unabbreviated name and title of the individual, and his full or her trading name
    • In the case of a partnership, the full name by which the partnership is known, together with the words ‘A Firm’ – or – where the partners are being sued as individuals, the full unabbreviated name and title of each partner
    •  In the case of a company or LLP registered in the DIFC, its full registered name and suffix
    •  In the case of any other company or corporation, the full name by which the company is known, including suffix where appropriate
  • Claimant’s mailing address or an address at which the claimant resides or carries on business
  •  Concise statement of the nature of the claim
    • If particulars of claim are not contained in, or are not served with the claim form, the Claimant should state on the claim form that the particulars of claim will follow
  • The remedy which the claimant seeks
  • Where the claimant’s only claim is for a specified sum, a statement of interest accrued on that sum should be included in the amount claimed.
  •  If the claimant is claiming in a representative capacity, he or she must state in what capacity he or she is acting
  • If the defendant is sued in a representative capacity, the form should state in what capacity
  • If the proceeding is against the Government, the Centre Authority or any of the Centre’s Bodies, the claim form must comply with the requirements of Part 41 of the Rules of the DIFC Courts

(When corresponding with the Courts, please address forms or letters to the Registry ( and quote the claim number)

(RDC Part 7 – 07.10)