eRegistry FAQ

What is eRegistry?

eRegistry is the name of the website giving access to information about cases in the DIFC Courts and the Dubai World Tribunal

How do I register?

The eRegistry website is available to all to initiate a claim in the DIFC Courts, the Dubai World Tribunal or the Small Clams Tribunal.

In order to continue using eFiling after the initial claim, it is necessary to obtain a username and password from the DIFC Courts. This will help the Court and Tribunal to ensure all documents filed are from a legitimate party to any case.

In order to obtain a username and password to use eRegistry, please click here where you will be asked to provide with the following information:

Full name
Postal address
Email address
Name of your Organisation (if applicable)
Case number and title of case if you are a party to an existing case
Copy of your identification card or passport

If you have any questions please email:

Once the Court has verified your identity, you will be sent an email with login credentials


Tell me about passwords

Your single username and password may be used to access both the DIFC Courts and the Dubai World Tribunal eRegistry sites.

An iCourt password will be at least 10 characters long and will be a mix of small and capital letters and numbers.

A password must be carefully typed or copied, ensuring that no additional spaces are included at the beginning or the end. This would lead to an incorrect password message.

If an incorrect password is entered three times, the account will be locked. The Administrator within the company will need to issue a new password. This is sent via email to the user.

It is recommended that when a new password is issued, the user changes it on logging in to one of their choosing. This is done by selecting More on at the top of the page, then My Account and then Change password.

Forgotten your password?

Simply click on the button “Forgotten your password”. You will be prompted to enter your user name and your registered email address. As long as these details match the records, a new password will be emailed to you.

What case information is available?

Legal firms have access to information relating to cases where their firm represents at least one party. In addition, information is available relating to other cases, e.g. Order and Judgments. which are available to the public. 

How do I search for a case?

From the search page enter the case number into the search field. If you don’t know the full case number, enter the start (e.g. DWT or CFI) and add a wildcard * (DWT* or CFI*). This will produce a list of all cases starting with the characters before the *.

Why should I log out when I have finished on the eRegistry site?

Some browsers will end you session when you close the tab or browser. However others may not do so immediately. So you might find you open the browser a short time later and you are still logged in to eRegistry. For security it is always best to use the logout option when you have finished your visit to eRegistry.