Registrar’s Direction No 3 of 2015 – DIFC Courts Fee Schedule Clarification



DIFC Courts Fee Schedule


This Registrar’s Direction will come into effect on the date of signature. It may be cited as Registrar’s Direction 3 of 2015 — DIFC Courts Fee Schedule Clarification and may be abbreviated to RD 3/2015.

  1. This Registrar’s Direction is to serve as clarification of the DIFC Courts revised fee schedule, issued through Amended Practice Direction No. 4 of 2015 on the DIFC Courts Fees.
  2. Applications for ratification and enforcement of arbitral awards where there is a specified sum for which enforcement is sought will be subject to the tiered fee (as applies in the context of Part 7 claims) rather than the fixed fee of USD 5000 applicable in other Part 8 claims. Reference in this context is made to Section 1 of the Amended DIFC Courts Fee Schedule which provides in respect of All Other Claims that “the fees for a Part 7 claim will apply to claims relating to a specified monetary amount.”
  3. Where a claim or counterclaim is for unquantified damages, the Court during the course of the proceedings may determine the appropriate relief and, consequently, the corresponding Court fee, which will be payable if it is higher than the initial Court fee settled by the filing party.
  4. Where parties file a request for a witness summons, the USD 300 fee for applications without a hearing shall apply.


Mark Beer

Registrar of the DIFC Courts

Dated:11 August 2015