I, Michael Hwang, Chief Justice of the DIFC Courts, make the following Order:

In exercise of the powers conferred on me by Article 8(3)(a) of Dubai Law No. 9 of 2004, as amended;

1. This Order may be cited as the Rules of Court Order No. 1 of 2016.
2. By this Order, I amend the Rules of the DIFC Courts (RDC) so that:
The definition of the term “Registrar” in the RDC, provided in Schedule 2 to Part 2 of the RDC, entitled Interpretation, shall be amended to read as follows:
“Registrar – Registrar appointed under Article 16 of the Court Law and includes, where the context requires, Senior Registrar(s), Deputy Registrar(s), Assistant Registrar(s), and whichever other Registrars the Chief Justice may deem appropriate to appoint in future.”
3. The amended Rules will come into force on the date of issue of this Order.

Michael Hwang
Chief Justice of the DIFC Courts
Issued: 13 March 2016